The Rightbrain Cook

Making Cooking Fun & Creative

The Right Brain Cook

Who am I?

The world is full of organised chefs, expert cooks and masters of the kitchen. I’m not one of them. 

An expert at diverting from the recipe, irritated with measuring quantities and getting that experiment spectacularly wrong – C’EST MOI, Christine. I’m an impatient, most likely ADHD, over-ambitious and, alas, untrained cook. I’ve a powerful addiction to cookbooks; also an insatiable curiosity for knowledge such as how to conjure up yeast from thin air. For me, cooking is like painting with tastes, colours, smells, textures, experiences… 

It can all go terribly wrong, and it often does. So, if you can relate, I get you. I really do.

When it all gets too much, I tend to fall back on the same old meals, or the easiest. BORING at best, not terribly nutritious or even unhealthy at worst. Frozen pizza, anyone…? Beans on toast, one-minute noodles? Don’t mention to me all that nonsense of doing a super organised meal-plan on Saturday and military-styled meal-preps on Sunday. I’m a free spirit, so I am. 

My vision

Because I know only too well the OVERWHELM of regularly having to put meals on the table,  I’m dedicated to making the art of cooking simple, achievable, versatile, fun and creative

This cook is not about giving you yet more recipes. My goal and vision is to make the process of 

  • meal-planning 
  • ingredient-shopping
  • preparation and 
  • cooking 

as visual, crystal-clear, simple and satisfying as possible. Just as I would like it. I’m chasing JOY and peace. Learning to cook better brings me personal growth, a sense of achievement… good food, obviously… and I want the same for you, my fellow right-brainers. 

HOW will I do that, you ask? 

I’ve embarked on a quest: researching and just about re-inventing the cooking wheel from an amateur’s perspective. Then, to communicate the basic skills necessary to cook: distilling information and getting the message across visually with maximum engagement. I’m impatient, so I want it in simple nutshell terms: 

  • techniques, terms and processes explained 
  • step-by-step instructions 
  • visual guides 
  • informative graphics  
  • basic recipes to build on 
  • a sense of fun and humour.

WHAT qualifies me to do that? 

Like I said, I’m a keen untrained cook with lots of challenges. I know how irritating a wordy recipe with obscure French terms can be. I want to know why, not just what, so I can play a bit. I have a zest for life and delicious food. I’m not scared to experiment and learn (and I do, eventually).

I also happen to be a graphic designer, story-teller and artist, have been for more than twenty years. I’ve worked in television, multimedia, the web and the print-design world. I know that one can’t create without the right tools, skillset and understanding. I intend to tap into every bit of talent and flair I possess to achieve my aim: to share with you what I’ve learnt. I want to make your time and mine in front of the cooker effective, lighter, fun and dopamine-loaded – something to relish, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Let’s learn to cook the right brain way!