The Rightbrain Cook

Making Cooking Fun & Creative

Wouldn’t you love to cook without chaos, overwhelm or boredom?

Cooking SHOULD be a creative joy… like painting with tastes, colours, smells, textures, creating experiences. Yet so often it goes wrong, leading to disappointing disasters and chaos. There are times when the idea of cooking is just too much, right? Who feels like cooking when nothing is clean, or the cupboard and fridge is bare? BORING at best, not terribly nutritious or even unhealthy, at worst. 

Because I know only too well the OVERWHELM of regularly having to put meals on the table,  I’m dedicated to making the art of cooking simple, achievable, versatile, fun and creative

My goal and vision is to make the process of 

  • meal-planning 
  • ingredient-shopping
  • preparation and 
  • cooking 

as visual, crystal-clear, simple and satisfying as possible. I’m chasing JOY,  peace, personal growth, and a sense of achievement… good food, obviously… and I want the same for you, my fellow right-brainers. 

HOW will I do that, you ask? 

I’ve embarked on a quest: researching, obsessing over and just about re-inventing the cooking wheel from an amateur’s perspective. Then, to unravel and communicate the basic skills necessary to cook: distilling information and getting the message across visually with maximum engagement, accurately and promptly. 

WHAT do I offer you? First off, I want to inspire and motivate you, to love your food, and be creative with it! I aim to produce really helpful tools for you to learn from, and apply in your own cooking. I continuously learn and gather knowledge, in order to build a good foundation for you and me to use and build n8989  lñ . I give it to you as I would like it, in simple nutshell nuggets: 

  • techniques, terms and processes explained 
  • step-by-step instructions 
  • visual guides 
  • informative graphics  
  • basic recipes to build on 
  • a sense of fun and humour.

WHAT qualifies me to do that? 

I’m a ‘seasoned’ graphic designer, story-teller, artist and keen amateur but brave cook. I’ve worked in television, multimedia, the web and the print-design world. With the skills and tools I’ve acquired over more than twenty years, I intend to tap into every bit of talent and flair I possess to share with you what I learn in my cooking journey, the right brain way!